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Final Harvest

Century Forest Management specializes in ground based tree harvesting for private land owners.  Whether you have 10 loads, or several hundred, we can get the job done.  We tailor our harvest methods to meet your specific objectives.  We take pride in helping our clients manage their properties to the fullest and always return the ground to the condition above and beyond industry standards. 

When you hire Century Forest Management we take care of all steps in the harvesting process for you. We file all notifications/written plans, market the wood to maximize value, harvest the timber, pile brush to burn and prepare the ground to be replanted. Going above and beyond, we also track all of the loads shipped off of your property and provide you with a summary of exactly how much was sent, where it was sent to and how much it scaled. We always make sure to keep a close eye on everything in this often complex process, to ensure that our clients are receiving and realizing all of their hard earned profits. 

Century Forest Management is a full service logging company. We will get the job done properly and beyond industry standards!

Log Final Harvest, Oregon
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