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Land and Timber Acquisitions

Century Forest Management is always looking for opportunities to purchase timberland and timber deeds.

If you have timberland you are interested in selling, give us a call! We will do an internal appraisal of your timberland and if we wish to purchase it, will make a fair and competitive offer. We are interested in both lands with merchantable timber on it and or land with pre-merchantable timber.

Often it is more beneficial for landowners to sell a timber deed for their property rather than harvesting it themselves. For example, in a low timber market we may be able to offer more money than the current price for timber with expectations that it will come up in the future.


Give us a call and we will give you our honest opinion about whether a timber deed or hiring us to do a final harvest makes more sense for your situation.

Land and Timber Acquisition - Century Fo
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