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Landowner Help

Logging can be a very big decision; there are many factors that need to be considered when deciding to do a logging project on your property. Century Forest Management can assist you in all of these decisions.

Harvest Planning


There are many factors that need to be addressed when deciding to harvest timber. Listed below are some things that you as the landowner should consider before doing a timber harvest on your property.


  • Health of Forest Vs. Economic Gain

  • Should you do a final Harvest or a commercial thin

  • Winter Vs. Summer Logging

  • Current log prices and what mills to sell your wood to.

  • Current Rocked Roads Vs. Desired Future Rocked Roads

  • Protected Resources

  • Post-harvest Clean up and Reforestation


All of these things should be considered when planning a logging project. Century Forest management can help you plan your harvest and determine what method will best fit your goals. Once you have decided on a logging prescription that fits your goals, the steps you need to go through are listed below:


Logging - Oregon

State Logging Notification

Before any timber is harvested, a notification to the state must be filed. The notification will help determine any resources on your land that you will be required to protect. This would include fish steams, protected wildlife, wetlands, etc. 


The notification will also notify the state that you will be harvesting and will therefore owe timber taxes.  Century Forest Management has good relationships with many of the state stewardship foresters and can assist you or complete the notification for you.


Log Marketing - Century Forest Managemen

Selling Your Logs

There are many different markets and mills that you can sell your wood to. Log prices are typically based off of a price matrix with different prices for size, grade, and length.  Therefore, it is important to sell your logs before you begin harvesting to know how to manufacture them to maximize your profit. The mill that you choose can drastically affect the profitability of the project.  You also need to consider the cost of trucking your logs to each mill.  


Century Forest Management has very good relationships with log buyers in the area and can ensure that you are getting the highest economic gain from your project.


Harvesting Your Timber.jpg

Harvesting the Timber

It is important to understand the capabilities and limitations of different harvest systems to know what harvest type will best fit your need.  Century Forest Management will assess you terrain, timber type, and logging prescription to determine the best harvest method for you.


Land & Timber Acquisition - Oregon


After your timber harvest you will need to obtain a burn permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry to burn the slash piles if you want to do a clear-cut.  Burning typically happens in the fall after fire season is over.  If you wish to, you can also do a site prep herbicide application to reduce competing vegetation for your seedlings.  Seedlings need to be ordered in advance to ensure you get your ground planted in time to comply with state law.  Century Forest Management will assist with all the steps to get your ground free to grow again.

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