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Long Tom Partial Cut

On this project, the landowner had roughly 25 acres of nice 70+ year old timber.  Their plan was to take a 200 foot strip of trees off of two sides of the stand to provide more grazing areas for their cattle and also to remove some of the dangerous trees around their home. 

Century Forest Management did all of the state notifications and filings, marketed the logs to maximize the value for the landowner and then began the logging project.  We began by hand cutting the trees around the two sides of the timber patch until we made it to the home area.  Around the house we hand cut the trees and used the log loader machine to assist with pushing them over to ensure that the house was safe from felled trees.  Once all the logging was done, we used a small dozer and the log loader to pile all the brush and prepare it for burning so the ground was clear of debris.

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