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Nichols Clear-Cut

This clear-cut project was a 40 acre job that we did during the winter.  Century Forest Management managed all of the required notifications and also marketed the timber.  Since there was a substantial amount of timber, we scheduled times to meet with log buyers from each mill that was interested, in order to show the quality of wood and get the most value possible.  We chose to harvest during the winter because the log prices are typically much higher during the winter and the job was set up well with rock roads. 


We began harvesting by using a feller buncher to cut the trees and lay them on the ground in piles.  We then used a log loader machine to swing the piles near the road.  Once they were near the road, a processer de-limbed and manufactured the logs into decks where they could be loaded out on log trucks. 

Once the job was completed we went back through the unit using the grapple on the log loader to pile brush for burning. 


In addition to the clear-cut area, there was also a small portion of the job that was around a house.  The landowner wanted the trees cut and the stumps removed in order to reduce fire danger around the house, prevent a tree from blowing onto the house, and to extend the yard area.  To do this we used a log loader to push the trees over in order to uproot them.  We then used the processor to cut off the root ball and de-limb and manufacture the tree.  Once all the trees and roots were cleared, we used a dozer to clear all debris and level the area to convert it into a yard.

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