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Soap Creek Oak Release

This oak release project was funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Services, in order to promote Oregon White oak stands.  Oak stands used to dominate the Willamette Valley but have been significantly reduced over the years by reforestation of conifer species.  Oak trees play a key part in creating habitat and feed for wildlife.  The goal of the project was to go through the stand and cut all trees suppressing the oaks. 


This particular project was around a house so aesthetics were important to the landowner as well.  After marketing the timber to maximize the profit for the landowner, we started cutting the trees, both mechanically with a feller buncher and by hand with a chainsaw.  We then removed the trees, being particularly careful not to damage the oak trees.  Once the trees were removed and sent to the mill, we made several small piles of brush underneath the tree canopy that could be burned by the landowner.

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